B vitamins Cheat Sheet.

Functions of nervous system; healthy skin, muscle tone, maintain healthy
feathers, eyes,liver,mouth; carbohydrate-fat-protein metabolism.

Maintains skin, mouth, eyes, feathers; stabilize appetite; carbohydrate
metabolism; normal functioning of heart, nerve tissue, muscle digestion
and growth.

B-2 (riboflavin)
Carbohydrate-fat-protein metabolism; antibody and red blood cell
formation; healthy eyes, feathers, skin and nails.

B-5 (panothenic acid)
Hormones and antibodies, resistance to stress, essential role in energy
metabolism, maintenance of healthy digestive tract, skin and nerve glands.

Carbohydrate-fat-protein metabolism; weight control; healthy skin, nerves,
muscles, antibody formation, digestion.

B-12 (cobalamin)
Normal formation of red blood cells, Carbohydrate-fat-protein metabolism,
nervous system, good appetite.

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